Small Happiness

Starting a new and fresh step is hard.  It is always hard.
Getting used to a new routine may give you stress. But there are always something charming about taking a fresh step.
Discovering a new things may be fun.

So, whenever a new routine stress you,  just remember,  there is always a small joy and happiness hiding in your stressing routine.  Find it,  and you will be okay.

Inspired by Aria Manga by Kozue Amano



Its the same cold all over again.
Doesn't matter how many years pass and doesnt matter how much I have grown up.
Its still the same cold ambiance.

No genuine smile.
No genuine praise.
Its feels like there is no love at all.

Just once.
Just once, please praise me with smile.
Just once, please talk to me with the same warmth and love you have shown to other.
Please, just once.
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Untitled #29

Its difficult to be an introvert person. Society always draw a line whre an introvert person was labeled as a lonesome person, does not have a friend, and does not like socialize.

But, you cant just make an introvert person to change. Its part of their personality. Part of themself.

They have friend you know?
Its just they does not like to go to somewhere where you had to meet with a lot of people.

They also not a lonesome.
Its just they cherish their 'me' time to recharge their energy.

Can you please try to understand us?
Dont judge before you really know someone.

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Untitled #27

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.

_P.S. I Love you by H. Jackson Brown Jr._
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